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The Top 10 Rewards Sites

Rewards Sites also known as get paid to sites have been around for over 10 years. I first became aware of them back in 2008, I was searching for free ways to make money online. I started joining and trying them, it took a few days to get the hang of it but before long I was earning some decent money.

I also learned that not all of these sites were as good as the others. They are not created equal. Rewards Sites also have some differences when it comes to earning money and how fast you get it. Over the years I have narrowed my list down to the best 10. The following GPT Rewards Sites are the ones I use the most and earn the most and pay on time.

  1. instaGC.com – This site is easy to join and has many ways to earn and pays you instantly via PayPal or Gift Card.
  2. PocketmoneyGPT.com – Great Support and a fun chat box is just one reason to use this site, you can also earn a lot.
  3. Clixsense.com – Paying people like you since 2006, this site has the easiest way to earn and is open to everyone.
  4. DollarClix.com – They might be a newer site but they got great rates and contests and also pay instantly.
  5. CloverGPT.com – You will find many offer walls and contests and bonuses, also paid same day you request.
  6. TreasureTrooper.com – Fun contests and unique adventure games, over $7 Million paid out.
  7. CashCrate.com – This is one of the original GPT sites and it’s still great.
  8. Get-Paid.com – This website has it all and more including badges to earn and bonuses that go with them.
  9. Vindale.com – Join, fill out profile survey and you can earn big money doing surveys on this survey only GPT site.
  10. SwagBucks.com – This website has paid out the most money and has the most members of any rewards site.

These 10 websites are among the best GPT sites ever created. They all have great support staff and offer many different ways to make money. They are also 100% free to join and use.

Need more sites to use?

Go to www.top50gpt.com for even more great GPT Rewards Sites.

Thanks for reading!