The best rewards site now has instant PayPal payments

Big news has just happened in the rewards sites community. The mega successful GPT rewards site has added PayPal to their payment options. Now members can withdraw their earnings to PayPal instantly. This addition is a great improvement to an already great website that provides it’s members with over 100 different instant gift card options as well as direct deposit or check.

This is also a free to join and free to earn rewards site. Once registered you can earn in many ways, some of the ways include watching videos, visiting websites, giving opinions, listening to music, trying apps, games and more. You can even win points by searching the web and entering Point Booster codes that are randomly given in chat or on Facebook.

We are very happy to see instant PayPal payments added to

New Rewards Sites to Make Cash

hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I made a post, not a lot has changed though. The rewards GPT site i recommend most still is and now they have direct deposit available for everyone who loves to get cash over gift cards.

For all countries registration I still recommend because they have something for everyone and everyone from any country can join. Great advertising rates for members too and membership is free it’s a great rewards site that has been around for more than 10 years.

I am still in love with it’s such a fun place to make some money. Everyone in chat is so helpful and fun too. it has to be the most fun rewards site out there.

For a full list of great rewards sites be sure to visit



Rewards Sites

The internet is full of Rewards Sites that will pay you in cash and prizes to spend time on their site completing tasks. These sites vary quite a bit, there is the good the bad and the ugly. Here at Rewards Sites dot com we will only give you up to date information on the very best rewards sites. Every rewards website we discuss on this blog has been used by us and we were able to gain points in a short amount of time and redeem those points for cash and prizes, we were also paid our reward fast, instantly in some cases.

The tasks you complete vary from stuff you already do online like searching the web, watching videos,visiting new sites and listening to music. You can also earn by completing surveys, downloading software,trying products and services and more.

The following Rewards Sites are our top favorite get paid to do stuff sites.

  • has so many instant gift cards and ways to earn it’s ridiculous, you can also choose to get a check in the mail, the minimum needed is super low , only $1 and no limit to how big your prize can be. There are many ways to earn including the easiest ways like “search and win” and listening to music.
  • has World Wide Membership. This rewards site is among the top leaders in cash paid out. There is something for everyone and the easiest ways to earn on the net.
  • is a fun site with great contests and bonuses for the members who complete the most tasks, You can also earn from referring other members, you even earn from the members they refer for for levels! This site specializes in paying cash and paying it fast, you can withdraw to PayPal and Serve. There are many ways to earn here and you can get prizes too like instant amazon gift card codes.
  • is a true get paid to site that pays you in cash for completing surveys, downloading software,visiting websites,watching videos and much more.
  • is fun to use and has exclusive games to play that give you a chance at gaining even more points. The promo bonuses are very rewarding, the referral program is also great. Get paid fast too by PayPal and other methods.
  • has offers,videos,surveys and PPD offers. They also have great contests and raffles to win awesome stuff. You get paid fast on this site that it is instantly sent to your paypal when you cashout and you don’t even need much, just $1.00 and that is easy to make on this great rewards site.
  • is the most popular rewards site for the USA. There are many ways to gain swagbucks then you redeem them for gift cards. The popularity of this site is directly related to the easy ways to earn small amounts, like videos,searching the web and daily polls.
  • has been around for many years. Great Support, easy ways to earn cash and gift cards.

Join any or all of these rewards sites with confidence, they all have rock solid reputations and have paid us numerous times without fail.